Container Seedling Technology

                 At present, there are many kinds of containers in the world for seedling rearing, which are summed up in 2 categories: one is the container and the nursery stock planted into the afforestation place together, such as honeycomb paper cups, peat containers and so on; the other is to remove the container when planting seedlings, such as polystyrene, PVC plastic bags, Nutrition cups The material of making container has soft plastic, hard plastic, peat, pulp, straw, etc., in which the plastic container dominates. The characteristics of the container are cylindrical, conical, square, hexagonal, etc., the most commonly used is plastic bags. The vessel specification is determined according to the seedling tree and the seedling size.Container

                 To ensure that the nutrient soil to have the following conditions: the growth of the nutrients required by trees, a certain degree of ventilation, clay is not suitable, with a certain viscosity, sandy soil is not suitable, otherwise in the container when the soil easily dispersed, the role of container seedlings lost. Nutrition soil According to the following steps: The soil matrix material will be crushed, sifted, according to a certain proportion of the matrix material mixed, the nutrient soil to a certain moist state, the degree of wetting to install after the Cup will not be from the container drain hole leakage, after holding into the group is not deformed appropriate.

                  Before sowing, the nutrient soil should be packed into a container, can be manually loaded with soil, or mechanically loaded. Do not install the soil when the hand is too full, loaded to the container capacity of 95%, generally less than the container mouth about 1~2cm, filled with soil from the side of the container to make the virtual soil heavy, the soil tightness to fit. The containers are arranged in a zigzag arrangement, preferably separated from the ground and placed on a frame made of wood, plastic or iron.Container

                 The container nursery must adopt the fine variety, the quality must attain the national stipulation 2 level standard. Seed soaking, germination and disinfection treatment should be carried out before sowing, and the method is similar to conventional nursery. Each container sowing $number seed, after sowing the soil, the thickness of the soil depending on the size of the seed grain, generally for the diameter of $number times, soil to see the seeds.Container