How To Protect The Stainless Steel Container Outdoors

                 In the case of indoor products, the standard 304 stainless steel can be done without any surface treatment, enough to achieve corrosion resistance. But for outdoor products, 304 do not process is not possible to meet the requirements, electroplating is not the best way, because the plating layer itself is likely to be corroded by the outside world or by unnatural factors and loss of protection, at the same time, electroplating layer also need to consider its adhesion and stripping force problems. Similarly, painting is not the best solution.Container

                 For outdoor products, 304 stainless steel should be processed after the total pickling and passivation. Domestic 304 due to more impurities, pickling passivation treatment is easy to have excess reaction, resulting in discoloration or uneven protection. Foreign imports of 304 are relatively much better. Usually after pickling and passivation products, the corresponding salt spray test. I designed outdoor cabinets generally require 30 days of salt spray Test no obvious white embroidery (such as yellow rust and red rust, for the absolute unqualified). Specific products to see your product specifications.Container

                 In addition, electrostatic spraying powder coating is also a feasible way, which is much better than the ordinary spray painting, good powder its weatherability is also quite good, adhesion is better than painting, but its technology requirements are very high, before treatment of phosphating must be strictly in place. and the ability to withstand unnatural factors is poor (if man-made destruction) and is not suitable for a large number of liquids. For the interface part, or there are welding parts, should try to maintain its smoothness, otherwise the surface treatment performance will have a great impact. If it is really rough and uneven, can be properly polished. 304 corrosion resistance in general, in the stainless steel series performance is not excellent, of course, for ordinary iron products that is a lot of superior.Container