Introduction Of Anticorrosion Capability Of Fuel Tank

      The weight of the plastic tank is light. Usually the wall thickness of the iron tank is at least 1.2mm, the average wall thickness of the plastic tank is 4mm. As a result of iron density of 7.8, plus iron tank outside the surface to do anti-rust treatment, so that its density can reach 8, and HDPE plastic material density of about 0.95, so an equal volume of iron tank than plastic tank weight 2.5 times times. Plastic fuel tank shape changeable. Fuel Tank
     With more and more car configuration, in order to make full use of space, modern car design has become more compact. Unlike metal fuel tanks, plastic fuel tanks are usually used in a blow molding process, can shape complex shaped products, so it is conducive to the overall layout of the car has been determined, according to the existing chassis residual space to form a suitable fuel tank shape, and as far as possible to increase the fuel tank volume, this is the metal fuel tank can not be compared.Fuel Tank
     The corrosion resistance of plastic fuel tank is strong. Because the plastic has a strong chemical resistance, so the plastic fuel tank will not be caused by corrosion of some impurities, so that the impurity through the oil supply system into the engine caused by engine damage, reduce its service life. The plastic fuel tank has high safety performance and will not explode due to thermal expansion. Fuel Tank
     At present, most of the plastic fuel tanks are made of polyethylene material with high molecular weight. The heat conductivity of this material is very low, only 1% of the metal. At the same time, high molecular weight polyethylene has good elasticity and rigidity, and can still maintain good mechanical properties in the case of 40 ℃ and +90℃. After the impact can be rebound without permanent deformation, at the same time in the friction or impact process will not produce an electrical spark explosion accident, even if the car accidentally fire, will not be caused by the expansion of plastic fuel tank explosion, so the plastic fuel tank has a high safety.Fuel Tank
     In addition, the production cost of plastic fuel tank is low, the processing process is simple, no matter how complex product modelling can be formed once, and scrap the product after crushing material can be recycled.Fuel Tank