Introduction Of Molded Cooler

      Cooler cores, especially a cooler core fitted with a floor with a stress releasing space. It comprises two floors and an ontology situated between the two floors, wherein the body has a top head and a lower head respectively at the upper and lower ends thereof, the upper end of each floor is welded with the upper sealing head phase and the lower end is connected with the lower sealing head, and a plurality of through holes are arranged on the bottom plate, and the plurality of through holes form a space for releasing the stress of the floor. The through hole is a long hole and its extending direction is parallel to the weld seam at the bottom plate and the upper head/Bottom head connection. The purpose of the utility model is to provide a heat exchanger core, which has a stress releasing space and a good strength.molded cooler
     The core of the plate-fin cooler comprises a body, a base plate located on both sides of the body, and a base plate is made of a 3 thick aluminum plate, and the bottom plate is fixedly connected with the body through a brazing plate. The bottom plate is the most solid part of the cooler core, which is generally used for assembling the shroud, bracket and other accessories. However, according to many years of market feedback statistics found that the cooler after many years of use will appear leakage, most of the leakage is caused by the connection between the body and the bottom of the weld seam. This type of cooler is usually used for many years after the manufacturer's warranty period, users have to bear the cost to buy accessories replacement. The plate-fin cooler, which makes it look solid, actually becomes a longer-term consumable.molded cooler
    How to design cooler in the application of cooler reason environment, installation location, ventilation and other issues are to be taken into account, the principle of arrangement, tips, in order to let the cooler to play the best results, there are two major details must be noted. Take air cooler as an example: the air cooler should be disposed at the downwind side of the minimum frequency wind direction for the whole year. The air cooler shall be arranged above the main corridor, the top of the frame or the tower; note: The air cooler shall not be disposed above the operating temperature equal to or above the material spontaneous combustion point and the conveying and storage of the liquefied hydrocarbon equipment;molded cooler