Mudguard A Lot Of Good

Mudguard The so-called fender is mounted on the rear of the wheel frame of the plate structure, usually made of high-quality rubber material, also useful engineering plastics. Fenders are usually mounted on a metal bezel behind a bicycle or motor vehicle chegulu, cowhide bezel, plastic bezel, rubber bezel. After installing the effect is that fender than the body protruding about 5cm, this 5cm effectively prevents the flying stones and gravel and wounded body paint.

Rubber Fender

Mudguard Also known as retaining mud rubber plate; A rubber plate that prevents splashing of silt on a road vehicle (car, tractor, loader, etc.); Generally for pure rubber products, also can be used rubber, plastics and plastic materials manufacturing; Have good aging resistance, often used in the rear of the wheels of various vehicles;

Plastic Fender

Mudguard As the name implies, made of plastic fender, low-priced hardness and fragile.

Spray paint Fender

Mudguard That is, plastic fender spray paint on the fender, in fact, the same as the plastic fender, but the color collocation and the body of the perfect fusion, the overall more beautiful just.


Mudguard General new car friend, buy car probably will encounter salesman to recommend installing car fender situation.

So what does the car fender use? Is it necessary to install it? Here's a general explanation.

Mudguard Car Fender As the name implies is the role of retaining mud. It is mounted to the rear of the car's four tires. The front two is fixed on the left and right bottom sill above, the rear two is fixed on the rear bumper above (the general model is like this). After installing the effect is that fender than the body protruding 5cm around, fender of the important role of such a 5cm occurrence, this 5cm effectively prevented the flying stones and gravel and injured body paint. Make your car beautiful coat without damage.

Mudguard In addition, the role of the car fender is to increase the overall aesthetics of the body. This is also a lot of car owners to install fender reasons.

1, Mudguard the main role is to prevent some dirt splashing on the body or person, causing the body or personal appearance.

2, Mudguard can prevent dirt splashing on the rod, the ball head caused premature rust.

3, Mudguard car Fender also has a role, car easy in the tire seam inside the small stones, speed too fast easy to jilt in the body, collapse of the car paint.