Operation Precautions For Molded Cooler

Most of the progress made in liquid temperature control is coming from the component side. Smaller and more durable. Easily leaks or corrodes. Mold heating or cooling less energy consumption and more secure equipment and easier to operate the controller It is also often used in new coolers, tower pumps, and TCUs. In most cases, the cost of these devices is the same as or lower than the cost of previous models.molded cooler When necessary, you can display all operating conditions, diagnostic conditions and troubleshooting instructions, etc. The control features include: complete communication, running timer and long-distance online service capability. This new device with a whirlpool compressor and non-ferrous metal Pumps, water tanks, etc. There are 0.75-20t air-cooled coolers and 3-20t water-cooled coolers.molded cooler The performance is not reduced. This device with a copper plate evaporator. Large turbo compressors for small installations and reciprocating compressors for small installations, as well as a three-year warranty period and a number of options. There are two levels of control in these products: standard is a simple microprocessor with LCD Equipment, on top of this is equipped with LCD display full-function PLC and remote PLC-type equipment. In this series of products, 1.5-30t air-cooled cooler with tube-type condenser, 1.5-30t water-cooled cooler tube tube condenser for small devices, while the copper plate condenser is used for large Device (optional shell and tube).molded cooler

Resulting in more noise and vibration. R series of products include two categories: 30-100t of the RC-type products are whirlpool-type compressors and copper plate evaporator, 60-195t RS-type products with a screw compressor (said More efficient), more than 100t of the device shell and tube evaporator. Such a small device has a more compact stainless steel copper plate evaporator.molded cooler