Products Molded Cooler Production Method

    The method of making the cooler core

    The utility model relates to a cooler core, in particular a cooler core equipped with a bottom plate having a stress relief space. Which comprises two bottom plates and a body located between the two bottom plates, the body having an upper head and a lower head respectively located at both upper and lower ends thereof, the upper ends of the bottom plates being welded to the upper head and the lower end And a plurality of through holes are formed in the bottom plate, and the plurality of through holes are formed with a space for releasing the stress of the bottom plate. Said through-hole being an elongated hole and extending in a direction parallel to said weld at said bottom and upper header / lower header connections. The object of the utility model is to provide a heat exchanger core whose bottom plate has a stress release space and has good strength.Products molded cooler

    The present invention relates to a cooler core, and more particularly to a cooler core equipped with a bottom plate having a stress relief space.

    Typically, the core of the plate fin cooler comprises a body, a base plate on either side of the body, the bottom plate being made of an aluminum plate of 3? 5 mm thick and the bottom plate being fixedly connected to the body by means of a brazing plate. The bottom plate is the most rigid plate of the cooler core, generally used to assemble the windshield, bracket and other accessories.Products molded cooler

    However, according to years of market feedback data found that the cooler after years of use will be leaked, most of the leakage is caused by the body and the bottom of the junction cracks caused by cracking. This type of cooler is usually due to the use of many years after the manufacturer's warranty period, the user had to bear the cost of their own to buy accessories replacement. Resulting in seemingly strong plate fin coolers actually become a relatively long period of consumables.

    Through the analysis found that, although the assembly of the cooler and the use of different conditions, but the leakage point has great similarity. When the core is subjected to thermal stress, the fins of the body are ductile and can release the stress. The bottom plate is made of aluminum. The upper and lower ends are connected with the body by welding. When the thermal stress is generated, Can be extended space, stress concentrated in the bottom of both ends of the junction with the body, the weld under long-term stress will produce fatigue leading to cracking.Products molded cooler

    When the hot fluid and cold fluid through the cooler for cross-convective heat transfer, the temperature distribution of the cooler, the temperature difference between the points is very large, and aluminum floor because of thermal expansion and contraction, need to extend or shrink, need A certain space to adapt to such a deformation. The bottom plate on the core body with reinforcement and protection, and the windshield and bracket and other accessories its fixed role, so the bottom plate is an irreplaceable essential parts of the cooler core.Products molded cooler

    The stress that causes the weld to crack is mainly present in the up and down direction of the bottom plate, and the release of the stress requires space, which is required for the floor to be set for profit release. The easiest way is to directly separate the entire floor into a few pieces of aluminum, aluminum and aluminum between the reserved gap. However, the above method is bound to affect the strength of the entire core, so the need to find a design that, in the case of ensuring the overall strength of the core set the supply of space for the release of stress.Products molded cooler