Refrigerating Methods For Insulated Cold Storage Container

Refrigeration system working principle the purpose of refrigeration is to use a certain means to transfer the heat of the assembled cold storage object to the environment medium-water or air, so that the temperature of the cooled object falls below the ambient temperature and maintains the necessary temperature within a given time.Insulated Cold Storage Container

The complete vapor-compression refrigeration system should include refrigerant circulatory system, lubricating oil recirculation systems, defrosting, cooling water circulation, and cooling agent circulation systems. The refrigerant circulatory system of the vapor-compressed refrigeration systems consists of four basic parts, such as refrigeration compressor, condenser, throttle valve and evaporator.Insulated Cold Storage Container

In order to make the refrigeration system safe, reliable, economical and easy to operate, the system also includes auxiliary equipment, instrument, control device, valve and piping.Insulated Cold Storage Container

The refrigeration system in a combined cold storage is a system that transfers heat from a lower temperature material (or environment) to a higher temperature matter (or environment) by using outside energy.Insulated Cold Storage Container 

There are many types of refrigeration system, according to the different types of refrigerants used can be divided into Freon refrigeration system, refrigeration system of ammonia refrigeration system, refrigerant system of mixed refrigerant and air, etc. according to the working principle of the combination cold storage can be divided into compression, absorption, steam injection, thermoelectric, adsorption and other refrigeration systems The compressed refrigeration system, also known as steam compression refrigeration system, is a common refrigeration system in the combination cold storage project because of its good performance and high efficiency.Insulated Cold Storage Container

Container Board general product size accuracy, thickness of the same plate, good shape, to adapt to the overall size of the container processing requirements of the material characteristics of strict. Narrowband steel contains a certain amount of CR and NI, with strong atmospheric and seawater corrosion resistance, especially to the container open air transport, storage of environmental conditions, is the production of marine containers ideal material.Insulated Cold Storage Container