Safe Use Of The Container

Safe with gas. Mechanical production with gas is also essential. Oxygen, acetylene gas, liquefied petroleum gas, argon, etc. is the production of essential goods. Gas should also be responsible for the person, a variety of cylinders in strict accordance with the national standard classification of storage, the quality of leather, the length should be standard, cylinder gauge valve to regular calibration. After the operation to close the valve, must not careless.Container

Machining, handling safety. This part of the range is relatively large, must be combined with the actual, a variety of machine tools in accordance with the provisions of the installation of the necessary protective cover, fence interlock device, self-stop device. Before the operation to check the equipment, equipment is intact. For example: driving wire rope, hook is reliable, whether the hammer head, where the wedge is loose. These things are small, but vital to safe manipulation. In addition, the mechanical production, the workers should coordinate with the two sides in the language, gestures to reach a tacit understanding, so as to avoid mechanical injury accidents.Container

Equipment management details. We in the machinery production, the various tools, equipment, justice, partition storage, so easy to use, but also to prevent misuse, accidental injury. In the dangerous equipment, dangerous control area with warning signs or alarm, to prevent accidents. Strengthen the safety education of workers, improve their safety awareness, enhance the sense of security responsibility. The workers must be required to wear Qi labor insurance products can only posts. On the other hand, increase the enterprise investment in labor insurance funds, and effectively achieve safe production, efficient production, economic efficiency, improve the safe production conditions of the virtuous circle.Container

Internal responsibilities, the implementation of the safe work area responsibility system, and enhance the sense of responsibility of the whole plant cadres and workers, a sense of crisis. Of course, the light to do the above is not enough, we should be combined with the actual, strengthen the communication between brothers units, inspire others experience, and constantly improve themselves. The country's safety production policy is "safety first, prevention first", so we should do preventive work, take preventive measures. On the other hand, we must also have a set of emergency measures to prevent anti-combination.Container