Selection Of Mudguard Materials For Automobiles

               Car engine fenders play a role in the protection of chassis. In the rainy day, the fender can protect the car chassis very well, reduces the muddy water splashing, in the running Mountain Road, the engine fender may reduce the gravel on the road because of the wheel to grind the pressure to fly out to the vehicle bottom damage. In the engine Fender design process, we need to take full account of the thermal dissipation of the engine fender, the effectiveness of blocking the splash of the slurry gravel, the cost and the installation firmness.Mudguard

               The working conditions of the fender are extremely bad, requirements of its material with cold, wear resistance, stress cracking, weathering aging, solvent resistance and chemical resistance to corrosion and other properties to adapt to impact resistance, anti-aging, crushing and other requirements, but also to achieve lightweight and easy processing conditions. The materials that meet these conditions mainly include the low carbon steel sheet in the metal and the glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (GMT) in the composite. They are more stable in performance and can meet the performance requirements of the fender under various operating conditions.Mudguard

               After overheating treatment and surface treatment (electroplating, spraying, etc.), the low carbon steel sheet in metallic materials is stable, easy to be machined and easy to install, which is one of the ideal materials for the manufacture of automobile fender. The GMT in the composite material not only has the above performance, moreover the density is smaller than the steel plate, can be processed directly as finished product, does not need the surface processing, can greatly reduce the production cost. At the same time GMT for composite materials, material can be recycled, production and processing process of pollution is also much less.Mudguard

               Car Fender is located in front of the car tires, when the car is running, because of the car's crushing and the stones may break the fender, is the Fender lost its due role. So the fender material needs to have a strong toughness. In rainy weather, the fender will be stained with some sewage and dirt, the sewage and dirt may have a certain corrosive effect on the fender. Therefore, the material of the fender of the car must be corrosion resistant.Mudguard